Christian and jehovah witness dating dating wedding photography


It all depends on how strongly a person accepts that faith.I have a close relative who has been married to a JW for longer than I have been alive, so it can work.He’s not active but when he goes back to them, his stubborness comes back. A JW cannot have a joint ceremony because baptized JWs are only allowed to marry other baptized JWs.To be married by a JW elder, both people have to be baptized and active and in good standing JWs (also both need to be virgins).Thanks Ben I’m not sure what you need to know that your priest could not tell you.A Catholic needs a dispensation to marry a non-Christian.Regardless of any dispensations you receive, you and your spouse must attend Catholic premarriage preparation and counseling.You must also promise to baptize and raise your children Catholic, and she must be informed of this promise.

I am lucky enough that my husband fell out of that religion, but from time to time he gets back to it. A priest cannot cocelebrate a marriage of a JW with a Catholic because that is against the JW religion (and I hesitate calling this a religion because in reality it is a cult, not a religion)…If your child needs blood transfusion, she will rather allow her child to die than agree for that.Celebrating Christmas or birthdays is wrong for them - so forget about it.It has caused problems in the family with issues over Christmas celebrations.If you contemplate marriage, be sure to understand your own faith fully so that you are not led astray by the ever-changing JW theology and pray for your fiance.I have been trying to find resources on interfaith marriages especially between a catholic and JW.

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