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Still, if that goes through, it certainly doesn’t mean it can’t become another gay bar!

That said, there is progress every day and I think it takes a tremendous amount of courage for him to identify as gay when he did. It’s a new day, and I hope that someone on Music Row will give him a chance. That’s what country music is supposed to be about—honest people telling honest stories about life.

There was a time and place where you couldn’t make it at all—singers and artists had to use gender-neutral pronouns and even get married to a woman. I’m grateful to Buzz Feed—they were one of the first really big outlets to pick up the story. I don’t think a person’s life could change more quickly, in one week. That would make people think something fishy was up. Politely enough, they stopped during the actual show….

At a meet-and-greet last week, Neil said his job as director has been to keep things lean by trimming any moments where the guys might have their backs turned to the audience or talk to each other too much. Poof, I just saw Zacho Quinto and his model boyfriend Miles Mc Millan canoodling at a Broadway opening night.

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Your ability to do research like this is why you plan on attending college, isn’t it?

I haven’t decided what path to take as far as being on a label or not. I’ve been very fortunate, with a pretty sizeable audience—for me, at least. Your “All-American Boy” video was clearly what the world at large first noticed you for. It got passed around on Facebook so quickly, the first 24 hours. As for guys wanting to get nude: Just when you thought Hell’s Kitchen had reached a saturation point for gay bars, it feels like it’s just the tip of the gay iceberg.

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