Chelsea and daniel from caged dating


Their parents, Michael and Angeline Rogers, who were then 28, received just one year in prison for the abuse, followed by ten years of probation.

Chelsea said: '[My parents] had ten years of probation after their one year in jail, and I think they should have spent those ten years suffering as I spent my seven years suffering.'She spent the subsequent years being shunted between various foster homes and adoptive parents.

A revealing (and somewhat revolting) subplot in the premiere involved Wes trying to cut weight before a fight.

He needed to shed several pounds in a short period of time.

So we get our sauna suit and I get in there and I'm just like, 'Oh my God, I'm dying.' You do what you got to do, I guess," Wes said.

The episode's climax, fittingly, was the big night during which Wes, Danger and Daniel all had fights.

"Because two weeks before a fight you're like, 'Oh, sh--, I've got to fight a guy in a cage.

And if you don't make weight, you don't fight," Wes said.

OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, there's an American lady in Chelsea - Stephanie Pratt, no less, off a different show altogether.

Let's hope she likes music, here's the Episode 2 tracklist and our FULL SERIES 6 Spotify playlist.

"You're just sitting there and you're waiting on them to call your name. I just want the electricity to go out, or some kind of natural disaster to happen so I don't have to fight,' " Wes said.

"And then they start playing your walk out music and you're just like, 'OK, this is what I'm here for, this is why I do this.

He decided to use the brutal Louisiana heat to his advantage.

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