Cheat dating ideas

And experts say this sense of something missing leaves people wanting something new. Kreizman says that it's easy for the hours required by today's fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment to drive wedges between couples.

"Sometimes they are not feeling love from someone else, sometimes they're feeling lonely," says Dr. "When one partner becomes emotionally and physically unavailable for an extended period of time, the other partner will begin to seek out a connection with someone who is available," she says.

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And in so doing, I've discovered cheating is often born out of something very different from viciousness."I think that when one partner makes the decision to start cheating, it's worthwhile to examine how the other partner might have contributed to this decision," says Sonya Kreizman, relationship expert and co-founder and CEO of Crush Mobile.Let's be clear here -- the decision to cheat is ultimately made by the cheater alone.In her honest opinion, if you cheat on someone, you just don't love them.Follow her lovable crazy on Twitter, i Tunes, Facebook, and Instagram @Gigi Engle."The couple must sit down and go over the reasons why one person strayed.

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