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Naturally he will have to reach some type of accommodation with his faithless wife and her brood, none of whom are related in any way to him.This is good and then again, not so good, but I'm sure it will be entertaining as he deals with the female members of Rhonda's family.That has been rather one-sided to this point, and will be rectified, you can be sure of that.Then there is the matter of what's to become of Marty and Marie; that will prove to be another element that comes front and center.Rather than just jump into things, it might be best to start at the beginning and work my way up to the way things are at present.This may take some time and perhaps try the readers' patience, but it is a necessary evil that you all must tolerate in the interests of completeness.

Be advised that henceforth I am returning my protagonist to his roots and devil take the hindmost.

At the other end of the spectrum was her granddaughter, all of 14 and a graduate of the Mimi Marlow sex education course, an institution in these parts.

I will speak more of Ms Marlow in future installments of this story.

Well, that was nearly twenty years ago and plenty has happened since we started courting.

Much of it was great fun, but lately things have taken a decided turn for the worse.

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