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It is a relatively new term in India, particularly New Delhi, and has been on the rise in schools since 2008.

I've recently become interested in Chinese language. I thought I wish I have a friend who speaks foreign language.

Im studying English now, but I cant speak English well.

I hope to learn from each other in English and Korean.

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I can not speak english well:) Thank you for your help!

I used to learn Chinese and Japanese before but now my level is nearly zero.

If you speak Mandarin or Japanese, please feel free to message me.

Vidish is a common term for a person who originates or acts like someone who originates from Bihar, India.

It is a derogatory term signifying the type of person who has nothing going for him except his will to start a business.

I'd like to touch with anyone who like to make a great friend who can share each country's culture!

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