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I know there is no physical addiction as I know that he can go days and weeks without drinking with no adverse affects which is perhaps what makes it worse.

He totally refused to go back after the break and eventually… He says he hasn't loved me for some time and has recent sought comfort with a female colleague of his.

Funded by Comic Relief Adfam has trained a group of parents affected by these issues to help their peers - other parents.

If you'd like to know more please see this link and leave your details. read the full post For a good 12 months I have known that my partner has a dependency on alcohol.

A few years down the line aged 14, she turned to heroin. He didnt want to go ti a meeting tonight and uses the "I dont get to see my kid" then says how would I feel if I didmt get to see him except for an hour in the morning and 30 mins at night.

I grew up beginning to think this was normal, although my mum shielded me from the bulk of what was going on. read the full post My son is just 18, he is smoking weed every day, i know it isn't hard drugs but I am worried that it may progress if it hasn't already to harder substances. To be honest if I thought it would help me I wouldnt care. read the full post My husband of 7 yrs , together for 10.5 yrs has told me he doesn't love me and wants to separate.

BUT he has bullimia and is a cocaine abuser , he has cost me thousands (not anymore since i realised i was enabeling him) He has used my credit cards, stolen money, threatened my hubby.

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