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Ceremony (2011)Ceremony is what it would look like if Wes Anderson made Wedding Crashers.

Written and directed by Max Winkler (Henry's son), it tells the story of a young children's-book author (Michael Angarano) who crashes the wedding weekend of an older woman (Uma Thurman) he's had an intimate letter-writing relationship with.

Thanks to the title and the star (Ben Stiller), Greenberg was presented as a character portrait, but story-wise, it's a romantic comedy (as New Yorker's Richard Brody pointed out when it was released). Though the movie is about Lake Bell trying to make it in the male-dominated field of voice-over artists, there is a cute, awkward courtship between her and Demetri Martin. candidate who meets Abby (Jennifer Westfeldt, who also wrote the movie), an intuitive, free-spirited receptionist at the gym Messina signs up for. By starting with them married, the film is able to look at the relationship between marriage and love. Lars and the Real Girl (2007)A man with some issues starts dating an unusual woman, which his family and friends don't approve of at first.

Greta Gerwig perfectly plays a Greta Gerwig type, a romantic but somewhat-spacey young woman just trying to figure out what she should do with her life. Bell also directed the film and wrote the super-funny script that won her the Best Screenplay honor at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Ira & Abby (2006)Through many solid indie-film performances, Chris Messina had some practice for his romantic-comedy lead role on The Mindy Project. Eventually, they come around when they see how much the man has grown as a result of the relationship. No, an actual doll.) Lars and the Real Girl, which features what I still consider to be Ryan Gosling's best performance, is an honest, sweet movie, which plays Lars's love — well — real. Liberal Arts (2012)On How I Met Your Mother, Ted Mosby always seemed like the type of guy who thought himself a rom-com protagonist, so Josh Radnor was more than prepared to star in Liberal Arts (which he also wrote and directed).

Both Moss and Duplass give especially nuanced performances, considering the premise, which, again, I can't spoil. Ti MER is a science-fiction rom-com about a world where people can choose to have a device embedded into their wrists that will count down to the moment when you meet your soul mate. Writer-director Jac Schaeffer uses this premise to examine the pressure some put on every relationship to be "the one." The film does a good job of pulling off its satire without getting weighed down. 2 Days In Paris (2007); 2 Days in New York (2012)Who doesn't love Julie Delpy?Liberal Arts is a romantic comedy about growing up, those unwilling to do so, and those trying to do so too quickly. Life After Beth (2014)There have been several great indie romantic-comedies this year. Case in point: Life After Beth, a quirky rom-com about young love in which one of the parties is a zombie.It stars Dane De Haan and Aubrey Plaza, the latter of which is particularly dynamic as the zombie.These are characters that you don't normally see movies about, interacting in ways you definitely don't normally see characters interacting.Most famously, there's the story of the young boy who meets an (presumably) adult woman in a chat room by proposing they poop into each other's butts forever. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (2013)Not to be confused with Alyssa Milano's 2010 movie, I'm talking about Mike Birbiglia's Netflix special, which I previously picked for Vulture as the best stand-up special of last year.My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is a one-man show about Birbiglia's own relationship to love and marriage, set against the backdrop of his meeting his now-wife.

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