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These efforts resulted in a twenty (20) percent decrease in the municipal property tax rate in 1991.

This decrease in the 1991 municipal property tax rate was directly attributable to the significant reduction in staffmg and personnel-related expenses.

These efforts resulted in a budget adopted at the 1992 Town Meeting that would have held the 1992 Municipal Property Tax Rate virtually level with the 1991 Municipal Property Tax Rate.

However, when the 1992 Municipal Property Tax Rate was set by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration, we were able to reduce the 1992 Municipal Property Tax Rate below the 1991 level by over 3% due to the receipt of additional revenues in 1992.

Certainly, 1992 has continued to be a difficult year economically.

To respond to the decline in the economy and the property tax rate increase in 1990, the Town staff, the Board of Selectmen, and the Budget Committee all endeavored to reduce expenditures while attempting to minimize service and program reductions.

% TOWN REPORT Salem, New Hampshire Field of Dreams 1992 V J TOWN REPORT Salem, New Hampshire Field of Dreams 1992 TABLE OF CONTENTS TOWN OFFICERS 5-7 BOARD OF SELECTMEN 8 SELECTMAN JOE GAGNON 9 DEDICATION Field of Dreams Park and Playground 9 TOWN MANAGER 10 BOARDS, COMMITTEES, AND COMMISSIONS Budget Committee 11 Conservation Commission 12 Housing Authority 13-14 Kelley Library and Board of Trustees 15-18 Planning Board 19-20 Recreation Advisory Committee 21 Recycling Committee 22 Salem Town Museum 23 Trustees ofthe Trust Funds 24-29 Zoning Board of Adjustment 30 SALEM DISTRICT COURT 31 TOWN DEPARTMENTS Assessing Department 31 Building Department 32 Engineering Department 32 Finance Department 33 Fire Department 33-34 Health Department 35-36 Human Services Department 36-37 Personnel Department 37 Planning Department 38 Police Department 39-40 Department of Public Works 40-43 Recreation Department 43 Salem Senior Center 44 Tax Collector 45-47 Town Clerk 48 FINANCIALS Auditor's Report 49-52 Statement of Appropriation 53 Statement of Expenditures 54 Comparative Statement of Appropriations 55 Statement of Receipts 56 Comparative Statement of Receipts 57 Taxes Assessed 58 Special Funds 59-60 Statement of Town Debt 61 OFFICIAL BALLOT RESULTS 62-63 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from Boston Library Consortium IVIember Libraries TOWN OFFICERS 1992 ELECTED OFFICIALS TERM EXPIRES Selectmen - Three Year terms George P. I wish all a good year ahead and look forward to working for the good of the Town.

For me it has been very rewarding making a public service commitment to the community.

Salem has been fortunate to have both commercial and retail businesses that have contributed to the overall budgets of the Town.

Blaine, Jr., Engineering Director James Brown, Senior Engineer Joseph Chamberlain, Senior Engineering Tech. The March 1992 Town election brought a new member to the Board with the election of Harold W. The Town engaged a professional engineering consultant to evaluate and recommend a long-term water supply plan for the Town to follow to fruition in order to provide for the water supply needs of the Town, ensuring safety, quality, and adequate quantity in conformance with Federal Safe Drinking Water Act Requirements.

Ireland, Deputy Clerk Brad Mulheam, Youth Officer Town Departments Town Manager Barry M. Rhodes, Executive Secretary Assessing Normand Pelletier, Chief Assessor Catherine Arsenault, Deputy Assessor Building Samuel Zannini, Chief Building Official S. "Butch" Kealey, Building Official Rosemarie Hartnett, Administrative Secretary Data Processing John Bernard, Data Processing Coordinator Karen Landry, Program Analyst Town Departments (cont.) Engineering Edward J. During 1992, the Board continued to address one of the most significant issues that has confronted the Town for several years - water.

Most notably, the Town workforce was reduced by over ten (10) percent in 1991.

Recognizing the continued difficult economic times we faced in 1992, these reductions in staffing and budgetary cost- containment measures that were initiated in 1991 were continued during 1992.

*^^^^^ TOWN MANAGER The accomplishments of the Town for 1992 are detailed in the report of the Board of Selectmen, as well as the reports of various Town departments.

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