Carbon dating is complete nonsense


Another reason for longer life spans was Man had not yet detonated a thousand radioactive Uranium, Plutonium or Hydrogen bombs in the atmosphere; Man had no began to release heavy metal toxins via Chemtrails; Man had not yet began salting or scorching the earth; Man had not yet began systematically destroying water supplies and forests.

There were no ice sheets or deserts, but rather just a vast “Biosphere” or “Greenhouse”.

God created the Sun, Moon and Stars on Day 4, to tell time, seasons and for signs.

Radio carbon dating of the frozen and preserved record is one of those signs.

An artist, making a guess about the look and personality of an animal buried in sandstone and converted to rock is hardly “Rock Solid” evidence; good pun eh? Sure, God used the Flood to preserve and date them.Mountains formed; evidenced by the Chugash Mountains in Alaska, folded like an accordion or Sea Shells on Mt Everest.This Shifted and created a Wobble about the Earth’s Axis. Look above the North Polar Axis at the constellation “Draco”.The conditions existing in the pre-flood world were much different than now; no mountains, much more vegetation, more moisture in the air and more oxyygen.Genesis 2:6 “But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.” In this misty environment, vastly higher human life spans were possible, much more vegetation was supported which would produce much more oxygen than today, warmer uniform temperatures existed all over the globe and people were not over crowded in cities or separated by vast amounts of salt water.Analyzing a specimen by a person who discards the bible story as hogwash would not take into account the much lower initial amount of carbon-14 in the sample caused by the Flood.

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