Carbon dating great sphinx


The Sphinx on the left side of the Stele is shown drinking from the pot, therefore defining the charging of planet Earth.The Stele explains how this charge is delivered using Pyramids and the Sun with the Sphinx on the right hand side labelled as God Watching delivery of Surplus Negative Charge.The God Electric translation of the hieroglyphs can confirm that this assumption was false and accurate dating will require open-minded reassessment.The God Electric hieroglyphs explain that the structures on the Giza Plateau were constructed by beings from another planet that use what is termed 'Gods Electricity' or 'Gods Negative Charge' to charge celestial bodies in space supporting life in the universe.The substantial foundations exhibit virtually no creep and also the precise alignment and tolerances all supersede Engineering of today.

God Electric deciphered the pot to represent a store of charge and the hieroglyph of a pot supported by a loop is used to define the planetary body or Earth as a supported charge store.The Earths magnetic field would then be an order of magnitude greater, allowing the ionospheric wave guide to magnify waves travelling to the East - the same direction the Sphinx is facing.Below the Sphinx, located between the front paws there is an inscription known as the Sphinx Stele.Right side ['God'] "Watching Negative charge and magnetic field (delivery) by God to create surplus charge store.Support life using pyramid." Then two cartouches describe a circuit, the first cartouche using the "Electric potential of many negative charges causing lightning" and the second cartouche is the "conduction of supernovae energy of the Stars".Such a date should, in itself, be uncontroversial since it in no way contradicts the scholarly consensus that the monument was built by Khufu, the second Pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, who ruled from 2551 -2528 BC.

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