Bob harper dating jillian michaels


He spent a total of eight days in the hospital, according to TMZ, and is still in NYC since his doctor has not yet cleared him to fly back home to Los Angeles.Having a personal trainer means working really hard and lots of discipline.CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON TO FIND OUT WHICH TRAINERS WILL RETURNWhew. I certainly am that Bob Harper is not leaving The Biggest Loser.With almost all the familiar faces leaving over the past few years, we couldn’t even imagine the show without Harper’s compassion, wit and expertise.Needless to say, when fans learned that host Alison Sweeney would be leaving the show, panic began to set in as to what Harper’s fate would be. Thankfully, Harper is not leaving the show, but he is taking on a different role for the new season – as the new host!

ET: Bob Harper tweeted about his recent health scare, updating followers that he is indeed on the mend.As for the newbies, Jessie Pavelka and Jen Widerstrom, it looks like Jen has also signed on for the new season, but so far, no word on whether or not Jessie will return.WHAT DO YOU THINK OF BOB HARPER TAKING OVER AS THE HOST OF THE BIGGEST LOSER? “As you’ve heard, I had a heart attack 2 weeks ago.I’m on the mend now & want to thank everyone for the outpouring of messages and support.❤,” the Biggest Loser fitness guru, 51, tweeted on Monday, February 27.Original story continues below As you’ve heard, I had a heart attack 2 weeks ago.

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