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It is not required to remove them completely from the car.Just remove the fuse or the connector of the phone interface.The solution is the free tool Bluetooth File Transfer (Android) for a better Bluetooth connection. Establish the pairing once with this app and from then, everything should work as normal.

This can cause the problem of a failing connection.

FISCON handsfree kits are continuously being adapted to new cellphones. Connect from the phone to FISCON, not other direction.

Also it is possible that the coding has not been done, yet.

The phone interface is located below the front passenger seat in most of the cases.

Yes, if something does not work on a new cellphone we recommend a firmware update of the FISCON interface. XX) and on the "Version Info" screen on the Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat MFA informs about the installed firmware for the phone compatibility. This precedure is called pairing and is explained in the FISCON manual.

FIS is the german shortcut for the Audi "Driver (Fahrer) Information System". It stands for the display at the tacho which shows several data of the car.

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