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A massive flashing light provided bursts of lightening, creating an eerie ominous effect.

One eager fan has remarked that they think the actor involved in the scene is Toby Jones, who joined the cast last year and has appearing in the likes of Harry Potter and the Captain America franchise.

Jurassic World - although heavily laden with dino drama - left dicey weather out of it. This all comes after star of Jurassic World Chris Pratt [who will also return to its follow up] teased that the plot carries the story forward 'in a way you wouldn't have imagined'.'Deep emotions and suspense,' he told Entertainment Weekly of the second Jurassic World movie, while promoting his latest film, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. The 37-year-old actor will reprise his role as Owen Grady in the hit franchise.

Other teases from the set of the movie have come from returning star Bryce Dallas Howard's daily Twitter updates, as well as social media posts from the producers.

Last month, Dallas Howard also said to Mail Online 'It's gonna be good', when asked if she could reveal anything at all about the next film.

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as military vehicles are spotted on set in Scotland'It's centred around Blue, the raptor,' the source explained, referencing the final surviving Velociraptor from Jurassic World who was last seen dashing into the night after the final battle between the T-Rex and the Indominus Rex.'So Isla Nublar [the setting for Jurassic Park and Jurassic World] does appear in the film, briefly. 'The idea is that they want to use him as a basis for creating dinosaurs that can be used in war.We developed the technology of being able to clone the genes, and so I’m trying to deal with the blow back from what we have done,' he said.Presumably part of this 'blow back' is related to whatever plans are in place regarding raptor Blue.This suggests the plot centres around an attempt to weaponise dinosaurs, but that it won't actually feature as the main plot.If the creatures are brought on to the mainland, it could simply pave the way for a Jurassic Park-esque disaster, after this militarisation attempt.Also last week, writer/producer Trevorrow appeared to confirm that Jurassic Park I's original T-Rex will appear in Jurassic World 2.

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