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The first of the embossed patterns to make an appearance was an early version of the crab and lobster salad range.

I once found a piece of this pattern at an auction here in Melbourne, interestingly it had a W&R makers mark which means it had to have been produced in 1927 or before.

And it's funny, when that started coming out there, I was like, that's kind of brilliant, I wish we had thought of it."So, at least we know the killer isn't Betty-as-Polly. Hannah Orenstein is the assistant features editor at

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"The Kevin theories are amazing because it shows how in-depth they go, down to what books I'm reading when I'm sitting in the student lounge and don't even have a line in that scene, or researching movies that I quote, or actors that I talk about, or one-liners that I have and where they come from."Ashleigh Murray, who plays Josie, also recalled reading a fan theory about Kevin. "But if you've spent even a half-second on Twitter or Tumblr, you know there are a billion more theories floating around out there that have nothing to do with Kevin.

KJ Apa (Archie) told MTV News he read a theory that implicated Vegas the dog; Lili Reinhardt (Betty) said fans have accused her of murdering Jason; Camila Mendes (Veronica) was talking to Cole himself about whether or not Jughead could be the killer, or if the entire But the most fascinating, according to Roberto, is this: "I think the craziest fan theory that I read or heard about was that Polly didn't exist, that Polly was Betty's alter ego, and that Betty as her alter ego had killed Jason.

This maker’s mark was taken off the base of a Fruit Basket piece.

Many of the embossed patterns where in production for quite a long time.

On Embossed patterns this mark was in use from 1932 until 1934.

In 1934 there is the mark that states “Australian Design Application No.10804”.

This is the power of a collection; a single Foxglove teapot is delight, but a collection is magical.

My particular favourite patterns are Foxglove, Oak, Anemone, Buttercup, Water Lily, Hydrangea and Orchid.

Some of the series - like Pear, Pyrethrum, Narcissus and Begonia - where only produced in 1 shape.

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