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Well their Herculean efforts have come to fruition.The Secret Science of Superheroes (published by the Royal Society of Chemistry) is out now and this is what it is where it came from …There’s just too much that is just plain impossible and if we whinged about every little detail that wasn’t quite correct we’d sure as hell annoy anyone else trying to enjoy the escapism of a fantasy flick with us. OK, let’s do that a little and get it out of the the way now. Without an atmosphere the protrusions are merely decorative.I learnt that particular lesson from my little brother after he hit me because of my incessant complaining about the physical inaccuracies of Road Runner cartoons. Or at least learnt to kept my over thinking of animations to myself. And without any atmosphere there’s no need for them to bank as they turn in the vacuum of space.No, a book about heroes needs a more rapid fire, heroic approach.Which is why I assembled a league of extraordinary scientists and set them the Herculean task of writing this book in just 36 hours.Lasers beams — You can’t see them from the side, unless there is something around to scatter the light — see if you can spot the beam next time you use a laser pointer.

The super hero, intrinsic, extrinsic, location diagram (otherwise known as The SHEILD) also turned out to be a rather neat alternative to the conventional contents page.Being hit by a bullet (let alone a weightless laser beam) won’t throw you backwards.A 9mm slug, fired from a handgun, has about the same momentum as a water balloon thrown by a child, whilst a football kicked by a professional can easily have 4–5 times the momentum of a bullet.For deaf moviegoers, it’s not fair to watch a hearing person playact real pain and hardship they have to go through every day.At the same time, hearing audience members lose out on a correct representation of deaf people and deaf culture, especially since our depiction in media is already scant.If you are going to enjoy a superhero movie (or more pretty much any action film for that matter) you’ve got to be able to suspend disbelief.

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