Blind dating tip


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Choosing a fairly crowded place, will be a good escape from awkward moments, if any.

Moreover, being in familiar surroundings will make you feel more comfortable.

Blind dating is often considered to be fun and exciting but remember that you don’t know the person.

Owing to the fact that you are meeting him for the very first time it is essential to be extremely cautious.

So we decided to give Ok Cupid’s new app, Crazy Blind Date, a whirl.

Even though planning is important but you must also have a flexible approach to whatever you have planned.

For instance, if you have planned to meet your blind date at a night club but find out that your date is quite reserved and not comfortable with the venue, then you can change the plan and go for a quiet dinner instead.

A word of warning: San Francisco is one of those cities where everyone knows everyone in their sector, particularly in the tech community, and the image scrambling is pretty easy to see through, so I was able to discern a few familiar faces when browsing the app. Alternatively, you can browse a dozen or so existing dates and pick the one that’s most convenient.

Next, the app prompts you to create a date (“8 p.m. You’ll need to wait for confirmation from your potential date. After a few tries (my first blind date candidate never got back to me, and the second couldn’t meet up before 8 p.m.), I locked down a date with Bobby, a twenty-something with brown hair.

Provocative dressing or gaudy dressing can cast negative impressions about you. Why should only one person bear the brunt of it, if at the end you are still looking out for options to date? However, make sure that you've thanked the person at the end of the date.

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