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Hitchhiking in the ’70s was a way of life, part of a statement of freedom that the youth subculture had adopted in recent years. The Girl In The Box by Ermmm TV Back in 1994 Little Rock was one of the most dangerous cities in the US.

Eschewing material things or simply having no money, they got around based on their belief in the kindness of strangers. Sitting at the intersection of two major interstates from Los Angeles and New York, it had become a haven for drug trafficking.

Cup runneth over Two of the ‘bras’ from Lengberg Castle seem to be ‘shirts with bags’.

Unfortunately they are fragmented with only one cup preserved each but appear to have had additional cloth above the cups to cover the cleavage, thus being a combination of a short shirt, ending right below the breasts, and a bra.

This ‘bra’ is elaborately decorated with needle-lace on the shoulder straps.

Men wore shirts and braies (medieval underpants resembling modern-day shorts), and women a smock or chemise and no pants.

We don’t know if all women in the Middle Ages wore ‘breastbags’ – but some definitely did.

But while it might have been socially acceptable to do so in order to flatten the bosom, the complaints and satirical comments on breast-enhancement suggest that it was not generally approved of.

Henri de Mondeville, surgeon to Philip the Fair of France and his successor Louis X, wrote in his in 1312–20: “Some women…

insert two bags in their dresses, adjusted to the breasts, fitting tight, and they put them [the breasts] into them [the bags] every morning and fasten them when possible with a matching band.” These ‘bags’ served the same purpose as antique breast bands – that is to contain two large breasts.

The fourth ‘bra’ can best be described with the modern term ‘longline bra’, a type of bra popular in the 1950s but still fashioned today.

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