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^ince depletion comes "off the top" of total oil income, before any other deductions are taken, it is more valuable than it might otherwise be. However, this created administrative headaches, since the internal Revenue Service obviously could not **see'* under the g RNiad to determine the sizeofftfae pool. * * « Rosters are now being accepted for Women s Intrani Bry Softball. from FSU 223 7254 TAKEOVER LEASE AT CASH HALL GET UNDERGROUND PARKING PRIVILEGES. YOU WON'T FIND A BETTER DEAL THAN 1*^1111 i'l 1m ^« II I Monday. 1975 13 TLT ^1 l UV a winner Through duuracterizatk Mi and mood TLT director Strtttofi jockeys • weak pl^ "CUndestiae on the Morn- ing line" into a show fintah.The solution was a legislative compromise, a simplified alternative deple- tion formula allowing annual depletion deductions of 27.5 per cent. Need roommate as soon as possible, March June L arqe 2 bdrm, many «tras S75 • Call 574-4454. Interested persons should contact Andy Long m la 117Tully Gym. 8 9afn-5pm Over 35 Factory Representatives on Hand to Show You the Laleet Pheiopipliic Eqiiipiiiefit. Monroe street Open till 9 PM THIS Friday Afto' you visit the Expo, come see us for great bargins! Written early in Joah Grccnfeld's (Harry and Ton- to) career, the play was origi- nallv produced in Washing- ton, D.( ..Tomorrow should sec per- haps some increase in cloudiness, with somewhat warmer conditions. Sign up sheets and times affsrsd in aa MU« MB PYR thru qtr. FREE Rf PUCEMENT WARRANTY 777 amaud ^up NOW WITH OUR FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY Saner DURA-TUFF 'At OOBUi SNRir WORLD'S RNBT QUALITY SOOTHS LEAMNG Rf TREAOCR f S Of PASSENd R CAR TIRf S LOW 650^ 71 13 - 13 M 7fl Ohnson in both scoring and reboundings, averaging 15.2 and 7.2 respectively. practicing psychologist at tached to an American uni vc^rsity — the University of Philadelphia. • him, and it promises to bf very relaxing prof Misnxr Speed Reading Notice: Attention all former students of J. This course will be o&ered free of charge, on Wednesday and Thursday in 201 Longmire at p.m. March 31, 1S75 / 11 Offered at- thur Murray Dance Studio j u ni- who were afraid to go on the ly of dance fkx Mr. Witmer will be offering a riince students of Speed Readin^. Meditation Society m This week Jim Ellis, Florida Coordinator for TM programs will be on campus for three lectures an the technique of Transcenden tal Meditation.Paul Reistrup, former vice president of the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, said he would attempt to hold costs as low as possible, but there probably will be growth in the Amtrak ileficit, especially as the agency ezp Mds service In the East and upper hfidwcst. 4^ Personal apply Unmadtotoly Put something exciting between your legs A quarter rorse Go at High Hopes Farms Call 574 0334 Open to ever y orte another great new trip from HIGH HOPES FARMS BUS Fr iday gat off an a hayrid a A Siiuora a iieyfiaa fram S t H IB A 10 until 1 . REWARD female golden retriever lost near Law buiidirtfby mate Setter Lab black wm red na caiiar LOST night Of Tttwrtioy, Fab « Call LOST Ring oval ve«n set in yellow LOST MAN S GOLD BAND initials BEH to sentimental REWARD WE joy^ 9311 »e' y LOST Gold name necklaca an field. Ptooaa MM to Mitf -MCWAIIOff call LOST ONE LEFTHANDERS GLOVE ON IM. Stowers is hitting 10.4 points per game and Sosa 9. Witmer used his hypnotic powers in military intelli gence to guard top secret crypto information from the enemy. Student's tmernational Meditation Society Lecture Times: r, April 3, 4 p 4 240Ub Iob Thursday, April 4 Room 246 Union m This week Jim Ellis. I Witmer's usage of hyp •tic nosis can be verified by Icili- many students, and if you •ret haven't got anything else to t he do April 7, why not go to his fes class. His lectures wi U present an overview of recent research on the technique as well as a dis cussion of tis practical value in life.The three workers were released unharmed early Sunday morning in a neighboring town. College 224-2721 Feminist non-saxist chi Mren's books; Women's works. (THE FLASHCUBE ISACROSS FROMTHE PASTIME NEXTTO THE NATURE FACTORY) Student Government Advertisement Budget Hearings Budget Hearings will be held this Sunday from P. Each organizateii tchadu M w Ni be ffiotifiad by campus nia H af Ilia exact time and place of the hearings. SUMMER IN EUROM Uni trawal cfiarters at less toan \% reg economy fare. Cyy TOWTUGAS OIVC Tm^ HMno iprlns ta'eak dhrtng and campwig et Fort Jtwon e n in the Tortuoat. One important note: these Thieves Markets are designed specifically for craftspeople and are not to be confused with the Flea Markets held periodically in which i Ddiriduals can sdl whatever odds and ends they may have on hand.The fire late Saturday night completely destroyed the four-block long factory, the town's largest employer with 1,100 workers which has experienced a number of layoffs recently. Mayor Francis Kelley said six firemen were injured fight- ing the blaze and the walls of the factory were in danger of collapsing. How many of you wonderful people are driving to Washirtgton, D. 45 day advance payment required U S Gov't approved. All scuba equipment provided Cost sns tor certified divers. This Thursday, April 3, the LAFFIN* AMERI- CANS, a mime groupt wi U perform during Thieves Market, beginning around noon.

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Afooofd Ey's numi Bg nale is Student Senator Jerry Pbore. The Seminoles jumped out to a quick 4-0 advantage, but were steadily challenged by South Florida, the Brahmans finally wrestling away the lead, 13-12, with 11 Va minutes still to play in the first half. ' ' We are going to lobby the legislature to strip the BOi of all of their fee allocating powers,'* Potts said. AAay be seen at FSU bus stap O (bkioby b Wg.) Bast afiar. Tennessee Open 7 days 222-4396 Apartment for rent 1 br. Jake is played gently by award-wmning actor (Har- vey) Harris Goldstein. Buy any sport coat ot regular price and we'll supply the pants $ 18.00 to .00 value. Prices slashed on our most famous names in Spring and Summer fashion. But whatever, it was a full weekend of sports on the FSU campus. It has been sanctioiied by the American Medical Assocation in 1958 as a valuable medical therapeu- tic aid in handling numerous psychosomatic ailments. Witmer had about 450 students in his class on self-hypnosis and very few quit coming. Witmer discusses the misconceptions of hypnosis in the first hour meeting — the alleged dangers and vaudeville use of the art are analyzed.The Alpha Delta Pi sorority emerged victorious with, among other honors, the Best Overall and Spirit awards. Call ask for BHt Whidden Need f male r mate to stiare rm in a 2 br lo apt. call Tom or Ray57S-7SI7or«444S» I or 2 vvomen 2 share 4 bdrm i MMise in Waveriy Hills with 2grad women. But everyone should feel re- laxed and refreshed after wards." Isn't it true that only at the most three out of four people can be hypnotized? My efficiency is from 95 to 97 pereeot of last quarter's class of 450.The workers wert tied up but not harmed, police said. The UFW lost its right to rkcrs to a wooded area represent Gallo's 500 field Monroe, tlve miks workers 20 months ago when the winery recognized the Teamsters as the bargaining agent for its field workers. a red Mustan^ was found ai b:35 a.r parked in front of a garage ir Derby, a town adjoining Shelton. For details call Maria 444-4435 1-5 M F SONY CASSETTE RECORDER AND TEXAS INST. turn caiijo Ann222-3795aftor«day« wkends, many xtras AAale rmate needed desperately 2 odrm,2bath Spring quarter only one 'M rd rent and ufit Call 224 1586 * tmdie roommate needed to share large 2 bdrm tiouse with front and back screened in porches fireplace front and back yards walking dist. "The ability of the student to pay should be the sole hi fees isn't gummmd tn com back In the Aronofsky ashed the cww Ht e e . There it m wty of aiifwmig the qaeslh Mi of where the increio hi W ¥ tam wi O go and thetefoce, I doa*t know how yom mm going Id tmm f with the jasli i hu iaa far it," he said. Says son Roger about his mother: "She's rarely right and she's nev^r wrong...'* The skimpy plot involves Lilv, a 17-year-old pregnant girl searching for the hus- band who didn't marry her; Roger, the long-lost son; and Dixie, a young man full of hangups. Coliseum (T) Tickets • U ( T ) not dctinife V«t OATf S TO M AMft OUMe SO SOOl Lynard Skynartf Uriak Heep Jcfkre Th N ADVANCE TICKETS l Y MAIL : 'send mmmf drddrft Mly.j I enclesinfl a stampatf ■■wt Upt ta: ( Nama at C raapl MM Water Stroat Jacksaavilta. ton ' Doors ope n I I time For morel 904 «33 Tf OO Tkerc will be priar ticke Hi it I ■* I I The Blue Jean Place to be.The UFW saw the move as a union-busting tactic and began a nationwide boycott. There Is so much suffering everywhere — espectally in aress where famine rages. SR-n OR EQUAL CALL BERT Sf S-TTM Fml rmmte needed spr. UF's Merryday advanced two alternative propoiili to committee members. male only 222 2512 514 E Georgia St Youll get the SILENT TREATMENT' from Tdlahassee Village Apartments We believe that old clidie "silence is golden." That's why at Tallahassee Village Apartments we've designed our units to be as quiet as a home. Lily wanders into the res- taurant after hitchhiking through several states and is confident she will find her husband. Over 20 Styles to Choose 1 Levi's I Landlubber Seafarer HEM ALTERATIONS NO CHARGE ^^^^^ Basics to High Fashion Shoe Fixery Quality shoe repair South End of Northwood Mall SPRINGTIME FUN with SANDALS By One Style from our Great Collection DANHi E LATIGO LEATHER Mr.It has been a storm center of '■ debate for most of the ye^rs since it came into being in the Revenue Act of 1926. This .5 billion tax break permits oil and gas compan- ies'to deduct for tax purposes 22! Anyone interested ■ participntmg in water polo sbovld contact Terry Gaal or Jif Smith. CALL CARL OR VICKY 574-50M Oft MAli K AT 575 IW 1 br furnished apt. As we restore prosperity, we must not forget that we have to develop substitute boiler fuels without detoy.

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