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She’s fearless in her self-reflection, and she manages to balance very difficult truths with very sharp humor.” Regarding Teresa as a person and a journalist, he adds: “You can ask Teresa what’s up, and always get a raw, honest, funny, insightful answer.

She has rare talents as a performer and a writer – she’s funny, fearless and honest, and she also cares deeply about the craft of writing.” When we reached out to Teresa, she proved to be every bit as funny, friendly and open as we had been told.

On her official bio on The List website, Teresa says of lists: “You are either angry that the thing you love isn’t on the list, or you’re validated because your thing is on the list.

Here is our question and answer session with Phoenix’s new cable television series host. I moved to Phoenix in July to co-host a new syndicated news magazine show called “The List,” which tapes at KNXV.

At the time, I was seven months pregnant, and I questioned my own sanity about the move. You should be able to handle the desert.” After which I would just silently cry into a Rita’s frozen custard.

In television, I often write the bulk of what I say, so it’s a career path that uses my skill set while also allowing me to wear false eyelashes and concealer and heels. I love my doctor, Kathleen Schwartz – and all the nurses at Scottsdale Healthcare.

You’ve won an Emmy, three Los Angeles Press Club Awards and a Simon Rockower Award from the American Jewish Press Association. There’s an obscure law passed federally in 1987 which requires I answer thusly: my proudest accomplishment is being a mom to my two gorgeous sons. It felt like a major accomplishment to give birth the old-fashioned way, especially at my age (42). Before you married Daniel Wachinski in 2008, you won at least one award for your singles writing. Join The Village (health club) or check out OHSO (eatery and nanobrewery) in Arcadia – I see lots of single folks at both those places. Are you involved in any Jewish congregation or organization in Arizona? Being involved with Temple Solel changed my life here.

Do you celebrate Shabbat or any of the holidays at home? He brings tzedakah to school every Friday and loves singing his Shabbat songs.

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