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They see the red flags, they hear the alarm bells, and they leave.A woman, however, tends to see a “damaged” guy as an opportunity to play saviour.A new relationship can be as exhilarating as it is terrifying.You finally found that guy you click with, someone you really enjoy spending time with who seems to really like you …When you try to win him over, you create an unbalanced dynamic where he is the authority on, and judge of, your worth.

Instead of considering how we feel about them, we get caught up in trying to make him feel a certain way about us.Don’t try to be what you think he wants; be who you are and trust that if he’s the right guy for you, it will work out.A man can tell when a woman is trying to impress him, and it comes across as desperate.I get e-mails every day from women all over the world begging to know the secret formula for how to behave so they don’t scare their new guy away.The levels of worry are so high you would think they’re dating a baby mouse rather than a full-grown man!To help give you some peace of mind and an understanding of what lays the foundation for a lasting, happy relationship, here are some basic rules to follow for a new relationship (some of these might also help you if you’re single, or even in a committed relationship).

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