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Pic by John Gollings @johngollings taken at Lyon Housemuseum @lyonhousemuseum @blackartprojects #rekorennie #originalaboriginal #art #architecture #design #international #contemporary #ngv #melbourne #dec2017 #installation #aboriginal #kamilaroi Come down tonight and see the Maverick Artbar I’ve curated @mca_australia ‘I show my work where I want and where I can.

I’m not affiliated with the dominant commercial galleries and their curators.

“Even watching their movie, By the Sea, the energy was odd. When I watched, it didn’t feel right.” READ ALSO: Brangelina Divorce – Brad Pitt Not A Good Father To His Children With Angelina Jolie?I’m excited to announce my latest video work will be shown at the 57th Venice Biennale at Palazzo Mora with @blackartprojects.The three-channel video work OA_RR documents a road trip – a return to Kamilaroi land in outback New South Wales – to a site near where my grandmother was born and removed from her family due to former government policies. Transforming a symbol of wealth, power and colonial identity and creating sand engravings in the form of burnouts.She also noted that Brad Pitt may have cheated on Angelina Jolie on “Allied” co-star Marion Cotillard because they saw the divorce coming.“When people are not happy things happen,” she said of the cheating bombshell, which pregnant Cotillard denied. Cheating or anything else is a symptom of deep unhappiness.” READ ALSO: Brad Pitt Wants Angelina Jolie Back, Seeking Counseling Instead?For this I’ve been called a maverick artist…I like it. Each of the artists I have selected have forged independent careers in creating and making art.’ – Reko Rennie#MCAARTBAR curated by @rekorennie Fri 24 Feb, 7–11pm.

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