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at the Disco recalls watching the demolition of the iconic Sands Hotel and Casino, the site of so many performances by his idol Frank Sinatra, on the news as a nine-year-old. I remember it so vividly,” the singer, now 29, tells me.

“But Vegas never really keeps old relics or historical monuments. That’s the way it thrives.” That’s the way Urie thrives too, striding forwards with little regard for the way things used to be, rarely looking back.

The album that he made without the help of the original members became the band’s first US number one, reaching the top five over here, and this weekend he plays two massive shows at Alexandra Palace. I didn’t know what this album was gonna do, I just knew how I wanted it to sound and what I wanted to accomplish.

It’s been above and beyond everything I could have imagined,” he says. at the Disco when they arrived in 2005, still in their teens, with a frantic, fun, eventually double-platinum debut album.

Put your knowledge to the test with these crazy facts! They both attended Bishop Gorman High School, and they began playing music together freshman year. Wentz, who was in Los Angeles at the time with the rest of Fall Out Boy working on , drove all the way down to Las Vegas so he can meet with the young, unsigned band.

At The Disco was formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by two childhood friends, Spencer Smith and Ryan Ross. On a whim, they had the guts to send a link to Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz.

I got to do all the fun stuff I’d never tried in the past.” He may have lost his band but he’s found a new lease of life.

They invited friend Brent Wilson from Palo Verde High School to join on bass, and Wilson invited his classmate, Brendon Urie, to try out on guitar. Upon hearing "two to three" songs during band practice, Wentz was impressed and immediately wanted the band to sign to his Fueled By Ramen imprint label Decaydance Records, which made the band the first on this new label.

Urie has a large image of the legend’s face on his left forearm, in black-and-white apart from those famous blue eyes.Publications called us out, saying we were just a put-together band, claiming we had ghostwriters. ) was full of orchestral flourishes and had a retro cover that recalled Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake by The Small Faces.It made me so happy, the fact that everyone was hating on us so hard,” Urie claims. Urie’s contrasting passions have really come to the fore now that he’s the one in sole control. All the strangely hot “married man talks making out with Ryan Gosling” stuff starts at . Get into the interview and all of Urie’s bisexual rock star hotness below.But a colourful, theatrical sound and image set them apart.

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