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A persistent Cancer male is set to met with heavy doses of heartache and hurt feelings in the pursuit of Aquarius female.

She is not normally callous because she hasn’t spent time cruising in a low enough gear to pick up the daily insults and vernacular, but Aquarius is capable of serving anyone a piece of her mind when she feels her independence is under threat.

She does secretly hope to find a soulmate of sorts but it would have to be one that understands her undying need for independence and freedom.

This is simply not a language that Cancer speaks nor is he often made to understand.

Cancer man and Aquarius woman are hopeless romantics who can easily go with the will of fate, or dream of distant lands, sitting by the fireplace.

Cancer man loves romantic relationship that involves candlelit dinner, house comfort, and Good morning, darling! For the Cancer man, romance is a journey on a ship in a cozy cabin, a swimming in the sea under the moonlight, a dinner table for two.

The lovemaking and tender moments between a sufficiently humbled Cancer-Aquarius couple can have the power to become spellbinding.

Cancer man and Aquarius woman met each other at the will of Providence.

As is common to most of Aquarius’ romantic commitments, she will have to have most of her defences stripped away by life’s defeats and disappointments before she can truly appreciate where a committed lover like Cancer stands in the order of things.

He is that dependable and sometimes open lover who won’t waste time telling a woman he loves her.

For the zodiac sign Aquarius, the romance of life consists of songs around the campfire, help to all people suffering, roads leading to an unknown destination...

Aquarius woman does not like home comfort - she prefers a tent by the lake.

In the meantime, there is plenty of Cancer possessiveness and over-eagerness to alienate Aquarius.

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