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Another example is in many schools, a man must wear a jacket over his shirt, and a woman must wear a dress that has sleeves.

Another example is that some hotels that are near beaches will not serve customers who are dressed only in swimsuits.

With some indigenous peoples like the Yanomami, a piece of string is enough to make that feeling go away.

Other people from the same culture would be uncomfortable if anyone saw them naked in the bath.

For example, if a man took his trousers off near a school, so that the children would see him, he would be charged with indecency.

The reason why a person is nude, affects whether the law says that their nudity is indecent.

The feeling that a person has about covering their body is called modesty. Often, people feel shame if their body is not covered to match their culture's idea of modesty.

The amount of clothing needed to take away the feeling of shame is different for each culture.

Some countries have very strict laws about whether a person can be nude in public, and what parts of the body can be shown.

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