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For example, if a piece of blue plaid cotton from 1925 must be repaired, then it must be with a cotton from 1925 of similar weave, in the same shade of blue, and it must be a plaid, not a floral, solid, or stripe.

To use anything else would change the integrity of your quilt.

2.) Enclose a note with your: Name, Address, Phone number and Email Address, along with a deposit check for 0; or 5 deposit for Crazy Quilts in silk or wool.

Note* If you decide to proceed with the restoration work, half of your deposit will be applied to that cost.

To the right are some samples of our expert restoration work.Betsey Telford-Goodwin's Rocky Mountain Quilts restoration services has been featured in the July 2004 issue of The New England Antiques Journal.The article reprint found here is used with Permission of "The New England Antiques Journal" Unlike furniture restoration, where any removal of original patina is irreversible, we can preserve a quilt’s original fabric about 95% of the time by simply layering over it with the restoration fabric.To send your textiles to Rocky Mountain Quilts in the safest and most efficient manner, please make note of the following steps: 1.) Address your package to: RMQ c/o Betsey Telford-Goodwin, 130 York Street, York Village, ME.03909 Do not write Rocky Mountain Quilts on the address label, as this might draw attention to your valuable quilt inside. Do not force your precious quilt into a box which is too small, as the extra folding and pulling may cause additional damage to fragile fabrics.For example, if your quilt is a family heirloom, then restoration may be viewed differently than for a quilt purchased solely as an investment.

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