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When attempting to deploy an agent, the error message "Error adding network connection: The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials" may appear in the status window.This error message appears if you previously connected to the remote server by using a different set of credentials. Services After an agent is installed on the remote server, you can deploy a package or a template file to the remote system.If these messages do not appear together, you may be experiencing a different engine update problem."Event Type: Error Event Source: Get Engine Files Description: The description for Event ID (6063) in Source (Get Engine Files) cannot be found.However, this is not a problem because Antigen is still successfully updated.If both of the following error messages appear together, it means that both AEM and Antigen are scheduled to download updates at the same time.

Typically, this error message disappears after AEM is inactive for several minutes, and then AEM functions properly. To troubleshoot deployment issues, there are several different items to verify on the AEM server and the remote server.

Typically, errors occur during installation because of incorrect configurations, firewalls, or locked files on the remote system.

The Windows operating system sends any error messages that you receive when connecting to the remote server.

To troubleshoot scan engine update issues on the AEM server To troubleshoot scan engine update issues on the remote server, first use Windows Explorer to determine if the signature update files exist in the following folder: C:\Windows\Temp\Sybari Cache If the files exist, they were successfully downloaded to the remote system, and the problem may be occurring during the Get Engine Files process on the remote system.

To troubleshoot Get Engine Files problems on the remote system, review these Knowledge Base (KB) articles: When both AEM and Antigen are scheduled to download updates at the same time, you may receive the following error message in the Application Event Log.

Contact your network administrator to help you resolve this issue on the server side. Reason: The requested operation cannot be performed on a file that has a user-mapped section open" may appear in the status window.

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