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Albano (Chip), Stanley Bahorek (Leaf), Jenni Barber (Olive), Jim Cashman (Panch), Jared Gertner (William), James Monroe Iglehart (Mitch), Sara Inbar (Logainne), Greta Lee (Marcy), Betsey Wolfe (Rona)Los Angeles, 2/27/11, Jane Fonda, Samantha Mathis, Greg Keller, Don Amendolia, Grant James Varjas, Zach Grenier, Susan Kellermann, Scott Barrow, Caitlin O'Connell, Yvonne Woods Slaten. A-, 2 dvds B'way, 6/13/09 mat, Annie Burton, Charles Edwards, Jennifer Ferrin, Cliff Saunders, cast of four (3 guys and one lady) with one actor playing the hero (Richard Hannay) and the other 3 all play various roles through out the show, very funny play, well filmed from balcony Lakeland, FL, Non-Equity tour, 12/3/04, Kyle Dean Massey (Billy), Mara Davi (Peggy), Natalie Buster (Dorothy Brock), Ron Smith (Julian Marsh), Maureen Veronica Illmensee (Maggie), Evan Alboum (Bert), Randi Kaye, Michelle Whitty, Erin West, Pro-shot with multiple cameras and angles, fantastic capture of the show, it does have time counter at bottom of screen though, ARockford, IL, 1/21/06, Melody Davi, Natalie Buster, David Grant, Randi Kaye, Jarran Muse, Christian Donnelly, Maureen Illmensee, Tom Frye, nice quality, great picture and sound with a couple of minutes of blackouts due to latecomers, good zooms, A Kirsten Martin (Peggy Sawyer), Paul Gregory Nelson (Julian Marsh), Charles Mac Eachern (Billy Lawlor), Natalie Buster (Dorothy Brock), Karen Mc Donald (Maggie Jones), Ira Denmark (Bert Barry), highlights, runs around 50 minutes, amazing footage, A L.A., pre-B'way tryout, 9/13/08 eve, preview, Allison Janey (Violet Newstead), Megan Hilty (Doralee Rhodes), Stephanie J.The firing became national news and generated a great deal of publicity.Some believe this was the intention of the producers in order to further promote the B'way revival's debut.(Johnny), Michael Esper (Will), Matt Caplan (Tunny), Mary Faber (Heather), Rebecca Naomi Jones (Whatshername), Tony Vincent (St.Jimmy), Christina Sajous (The Extraordinary Girl), Declan Bennett, Andrew Call, Gerard Canonico, Miguel Cervantes, Joshua Henry, Brian Charles Johnson, Omar Lopez-Cepero, Chase Peacock, Theo Stockman, Alysha Umphress, Morgan Weed Josh Koback (St.

Pacitti starred in 106 performances with the national tour obtaining mixed reviews, two weeks before the show was to land on B'way she became ill with bronchitis, upon returning to the show she found out that she had been replaced by her u/s (Brittney Kissinger).Martin (Tinsworthy/ensemble), Spencer Liff (ensemble), Michael Mindlin (Ensemble), Karen Murphy (Margaret/ensemble), Jessia Lea Patty (Ensemble), Herman Payne (Ensemble), Charlie Pollock (Dwayne/Ensemble), Torry Ross (Daphne/Ensemble), Wayne Shroder (Ensemble), Maia Nkenge Wilson (Anita/Ensemble), Brandi Wooten (Ensemble), few obstructions, in the wide shots there are two heads on either side of the frame, about 2 minutes of blackout when Violet introduces Judy to Mr.Hart after "Around Here", another brief black out in the scene before "Around Here" due to latecomers, includes some of the curtain call, most of the cast members were in tears at some point or another during the show, Stephanie was sobbing through "I Just Might" and Allison was sobbing at the end of "One of the Boys", few minor ad-lips and mishaps, Allison pulled out a tape measure during the urinals bit of "One of the Boys", A National tour, Costa Mesa, 5/14/11 eve, Dee Hoty (Violet Newstead), Diana De Garmo (Doralee Rhodes), Mamie Parris (Judy Bernly), Joseph Mahowald (Franklin Hart, Jr.), Kristine Zbornik (Roz), Sean Montgomery (Joe), KP Hippensteel (Dwayne), Jesse JP Johnson (Josh), Wayne Schroder (Dick/Tinsworthy), Jane Blass (Margaret), Michelle Marmolejo (Maria), A, 2 dvds Dee Hoty (Violet Newstead), Holly Davis (Judy Bernley), Shayla Osborn (Doralee Roberts), George Dvorsky (Franklin Hart, Jr.), Kathy St.Block, Marc Kudisch, Kathy Fitzgerald, Andy Karl, Charlie Pollock, Iona Alfonso, Timothy George Anderson, Jennifer Balahna, Justin Bohon, no obstructions, very fun show that's bound to be a huge hit, A , Sunsetblvd79 master, 6th B'way preview, 4/11/09 eve, Allison Janney, Megan Hilty, Stephanie J.Block, Marc Kudisch, Kathy Fitzgerald, Andy Karl, Charlie Pollock, Iona Alfonso, Timothy George Anderson, Jennifer Balahna, Justin Bohon, beautiful zooms and stage shots, heads sometimes at the bottom of the screen in the way of the action, filmer does best to shoot around this, minute or two blackout after opening number, audio only for the first minute or so of Act II due to late seaters, very fun show that's bound to be a huge hit, A, Burntplains' master Charlie Pollock (Dwayne/ensemble), rest of obc, filmed in 16:9 widescreen, minor and only occasional obstruction from woman in front of filmer that leaned forward whenever she laughed at something, virtually no blackouts (only during transitions), good mix of closeups and wider shots when multiple people were on stage to see their interactions, Gaelen's Judy's very different from SJB, but extremely solid and makes role her own, a major flub occured when Gaelen's scarf got tangled on her microphone wire and it took Allison a very long time to untie it, by this time Allison had ad-libbed her way out of it then collapsed into a heap of laughter B'way, 9/6/09, closing show, Allsion Janney (Violet), Stephanie J.A beautiful capture in widescreen with no obstructions or black-outs of this heart-warming family classic with lavish sets and great performances.

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