Android news and weather widget not updating


However, the main downside is that if you want to use its most useful features you'll need to pay - and if you don't, well, there are better free weather apps available you can consider.

One of the major drawbacks of the free version of Dark Sky is that it doesn't include any home screen widgets at all, but you get three if you pay for the premium version.

Widget provides an easy way to access applications that support, quickly and easily.

Widget on i OS 10 is a kind of shortcut to the list of features that you can manage for easy access to the application on a specific feature.

The app gets its name from its primary function, which is a card-based timeline of the weather, but there's a lot more on offer.

Weather Bug excels in both the design and user interface department.

Then there's the moon viewer, so you always know the werewolf forecast, and several radar maps, letting you see visualizations of the cloud and rain to come.

On top of all that, there are also several interactive graphs showing data on things like temperature, precipitation and pressure.

It’s a unique and well-realized weather app, which not only looks good, but is also incredibly easy to use.

It's available for free with ads or paid (.99) without ads.

The depth of data and an elegant and simple interface makes this app one of our top choices.

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