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In filing this opposition, TSA appears to be obstinate and persistent for still one more session in the years-long battle over TSA's body scan policies.

****************************************************************************************************************************************** The Transportation Security Administration's (TSA’s) surprise holiday scan policy happened without any prior notice as if they were going to "catch terrorists and did not want to tip them off." The "trap was spring" just before the hemongus holiday air travel season on December 18, 2015, when TSA issued a “Privacy Impact Assessment Update for TSA Advanced Imaging Technology.” The TSA is affectionately known as "Tuff Stuff".

Presently, the TSA wants to make sure Smartphones are not **explosive** devices, this after the internet had all sorts of phones that would allegedly "shoot" bullets, being somewhat "FAT".

****************************************************************************************************************************************** A lawsuit petitioner, known as "Sai" filed his reply to TSA’s opposition, contesting TSA’s arguments that the petition should fail on Constitutional grounds and/or because Sai "lacks standing." As the court clerks were unable to inform Sai when a decision might issue, until then, he is "twisting in the wind." ****************************************************************************************************************************************** The word,"sai" ordinarily refers to a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon.No exception is even allowed as TSA is insisting, in EPIC v. Not only that but there are some reports that the TSA is randomly requiring body scans, seemingly without apparent security concerns.****************************************************************************************************************************************** The lawsuit known as Sai v. It was filed on December 22nd by Sai, a digital rights activist with a long history of fighting TSA over illegal security policies, particularly pertaining to misapplication of policies pertaining to rights of persons with disabilities.****************************************************************************************************************************************** Mass media "swooped down" and immediately "translated" the reports into "shirtsleeve English" and embarked on a weekend long disinformation blitz, informing the airline public that it must, if demanded to do so, submit to a body scan or risk not getting to go forward to their destination.****************************************************************************************************************************************** TSA, in its opposition, stated the lawsuit does not satisfy the strict requirement for the emergency actions requested, and that ordering TSA to stop “discretionary” body scans would thrust the public into “substantial risk.” TSA also contested the petition on the grounds that the petitioner lacked standing due to lack of standing to seek a nationwide injunction. Perhaps a non-lawyer made copies of forms and filed them himself with the courthouse?***************************************************************************************************** cho mào hót – chơi chim chào mào - chào mào huế - chào mào trung mang chia sẻ kinh nghiệm chăm sóc chào mào hót,nuôi chim chào mào,thức ăn cho chào mào,phòng và trị bệnh cho chào mào chao mao hot,cham soc chao mao,chao mao binh dinh,chao mao hue,kich lua cho chao mao,chon chao mao boi gia,cach ep chao mao rung long 0 100 chao family foundations | chao family foundations chao family foundation was founded with the aim of helping young people access higher education in order to build better lives for themselves and their families.

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