Advice for young men dating older women dating forum ontario


Don’t be running and snapping to assist her like a servant, but try to do everything a gentleman would surely try do for his lady.Most of all, give her your sincere respect and attention.Younger women have a fun-loving charm that seems to lift the weight of the world off a man’s shoulders, keep him young and make life new and exciting again. Although she may appreciate the warmth, dependability and better quality of sex that you can offer her in the present moment, she may be looking to raise a family or charge into the upper levels of a career, while you’ve “been there, done that.” You might be ready for a peaceful lake house and a small fishing boat or a life of travel and adventure.And an older man has the ability to offer them the kind of security, stability, knowledge and trustworthiness that younger men often lack — not to mention the keen appreciation he has for her companionship and the doting attention he will pay to her. A romance with a younger woman may be well worth pursuing, but if you’re going to jump into that arena, you need to understand what you’re getting into and know how to date her successfully.(1) He's interested but reluctant to show his interest because you're young; (2) He's saying that for attention or to gauge your reaction/make you react; or (3) He's just shy and is waiting for you to make the first move.I would say ask your friends what they think about it, considering they're around him more and know his personality. :)There's this guy who i like and he has all the signs of him being interested in me too yet whenever we hang out he always says "Dang, i keep forgetting you're only 17." What do you think that means?And, secondly, a younger guy will just seem eager and inconsiderate, but an older guy who makes a move too soon will come off as a “perv,” weirdo or some kind of dangerous guy she must avoid.You want to have all of those solid qualities that come with maturity, but you also want her to forget about the age difference. Make light of some of her youthful expressions, ask her if she has a Justin Bieber poster on her wall when she starts bouncing to the music — just have fun and be playful with your younger woman.

There are two reasons why you should never do this.And none of us has actually said that we like each other.Me and my boyfriend are 15 years apart and love each other very much!Also, bear in mind that the bigger the age spread, the more likely it is that both you and she are in it for the wrong reasons.You’re both probably more interested in what the other one’s got than you are in the person.If you’re 60 and she’s 30, it might be a great and fulfilling one-year affair for both of you, but she’s going to think twice about staying with a man who will be 80 when their kids are entering college.

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