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Every March we will get confirmation from all our current students as to their plans for next school year.

Once we have determined how many students are returning, this allows us to see how many openings we will have for new students. In April, we will begin going through the waiting list and calling families to fill those new-student openings. Each person contacted has 24-48 hours to either pay the enrollment fee for next year or to be removed from the list.

Please Note: Your child is eligible for either Pre K3, Pre K4, or Kindergarten based on his/her birthday. If you do not get a spot, then we would automatically consider him for a Pre K3 opening mid-year, and then for a Pre K4 opening next August.

Please click on the link below that corresponds with your child's birthday. No need to reapply.) Child's birthday must fall after August 11, 2013 and before August 10, 2014 Child's birthday must fall after September 2, 2012 and before August 10, 2013 Child's birthday must fall after August 31, 2011 and before September 1, 2012 Child in elementary school (1st - 8th grade) After you fill out the form above, here is what you can expect: When an opening arises in our classrooms, we start at the top of the waiting list.

Typically all spots will be filled for next school year by the end of April. If you do not receive a call from us regarding a spot for your child in April, then you are welcome to call us in May to find out what number on the waiting list you are now.

We will not be able to give you an update before then, unfortunately. Our current policy is that you will remain on the waiting list until you ask to be removed.

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All funds received will support church improvement projects, but primarily it will provide funds for the instillation of an elevator in the main facility.

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Often there are several changes over the summer and a few spots open up, and then even after school starts in August openings arise.

You will still be on the list until you let us know you are not interested, or if we try to contact you but are unable to after 3 or more tries.

Your child will remain eligible for the correct classroom based on birthday. Placement on the list is determined by the time/date of submission of the application.

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