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She and her brother also attended the same Kingdom Hall with their JW Parents.

Priest would also sneak in through her bedroom window and have sex while her JW Parents were asleep.Thus, no serious researcher of the topic of Jehovah's Witnesses Child Sexual Abuse would bypass our website.Visitors from other countries should not skip reading these AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND court cases since some of the best lessons about child molestation in the Jehovah's Witness Community are found within these international court cases. MATTHEW GRAEME STARK was a 2012 NZ criminal prosecution and conviction of a Jehovah's Witness named Matthew G. Matthew Stark pled guilty to having a "sexual connection with a young person under 16", and, "performing an indecent act on a young person".Priest also would have her sneak out, and then drive her to remote locations for sex.The teenager broke up with Sacha Priest in May 2015, but they continued to occasionally get together for sex.Despite all this alleged prior intra-family communication, Matthew Stark initiated a sexual relationship with the young victim in early 2012.

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