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Janne Eller-Isaacs, of Unity Church-Unitarian in St.Paul, said she finds a wide mix of religious affiliations, and no affiliations, in her sanctuary and youth programs on Sundays.SAN ANTONIO — Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry doesn't know how he became the only person named in the House Republicans' tax plan."It was weird, that's about it," Curry said following Golden State's 112-92 win over San Antonio Thursday night.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr has roundly criticized Trump, as has Curry.

“As humans, we can lose track of our best selves,” said Eller-Isaacs.

“I think we need religious services to align with our best selves.” The two religious groups most leery of goodness without God were black Protestants, with just one in four agreeing religion wasn’t necessary.

Kevin Brady, R-Texas, have mentioned famous people to explain the impact of tax policy on real people on several occasions.

A committee blog post in August referenced Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and in a speech in February, the chairman mentioned a football superstar, saying, "We decided that it was finally time to stop taxing Tom's Bike Shop and Tom Brady at the same rate." A committee spokesman said Friday it uses well-known people to help explain wage income from small business income.

Likewise only 38 percent of Hispanic Catholics believed religion was not needed.

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