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But trust us—no bat, ever, has voluntarily decided to dive into your locks.Bats are equipped with spectacular navigational capabilities that allow them to fly through the dark and catch tiny insects.The tradition of associating bats with vampires and other monsters has been around for a very long time.But, let’s not blame this nocturnal animal for our very human fear of the dark.Fruit bats also play an essential role in their environment as flower and fruit tree pollinators. For too long the urgency of this problem has been ignored because bats are less popular and less understood than some of the other charismatic animals at the center of many conservation campaigns.But bats are essential to the web of life as pollinators and pest controllers and it’s time we take action for them! The most important thing you can do to help bats is to love them. People are getting more and more used to watch their content any where, any time and on any device. Smartphones have also become mini-TVs with larger and more high-definition screens. Actually, from the Ericsson Mobility Report we know that video traffic is planned to grow 55 percent per year until 2020, driven by video streaming services.

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Our live beach cams offer a glimpse of the breathtaking views from Hotel del Coronado.

There are plenty of those, including social ones such as Periscope or the latest Alively, and more professional ones like Ustream or Wirecast Cam, some of them such as Livestream and Wowza Gocoder being restricted to their service only.

Here are some of the best live video streaming apps for mobile that will work with your Da Cast channel.1.

Fear and misunderstanding about bats aren’t going to help them.

Educate your friends and family about all the good things that bats do for us. Leave hollow trees and snags standing or install a bat house.

Bats have an undeserved bad reputation, and it’s time to set some bat myths straight.

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