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You might also find a community college class that can teach you how to start your own business.“A lot of adult education classes are specifically geared toward this,” says Eileen Freiburger, a financial planner in Manhattan Beach, Calif.When you go out on your own, it helps if you are covered by your spouse's health insurance plan, at least until Medicare kicks in at 65. For instance, you could take a part-time job that provides health insurance while you’re building a business on the side.Says Garrett: “A couple of friends of mine went to work part-time for Starbucks.” (Employees of Starbucks get health coverage if they work at least 240 hours per quarter.) If you look for another job, plan on a smaller paycheck.You’re in the prime of your life, just a handful of years from retirement.

’” You may need to take a full-time job regardless of salary just for the health benefits.

If you’re in good health and longevity runs in your family, financial planners often recommend waiting until full retirement age — currently 67 — if you can afford it, to maximize your lifetime benefits.

You can generally start taking Social Security at age 62, but you’ll see bigger checks for each successive year you wait — even after your full retirement age — until you reach 70.

That’s not so surprising when you consider that an employee who has been in the workforce for decades may be at the top of his or her field. If you hold out for exactly the salary you just lost, you may never find it.

Think carefully before turning down a great job that pays less, especially if your cash reserves are running low.

Or you might take a full-time job and gradually scale back hours, through a phased retirement.

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