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Being located on the tip of a peninsula that's made up of mostly rural farm land makes Huron County an excellent destination for stargazing.Though a good view of the night sky can be found just about anywhere, there is a place in Huron County that is particularly special for stargazing.People often recognize the HISD for its Tech Center, preschool, and special education services.Although these are very important programs and services offered by the HISD, there is a myriad of other opportunities and services you should know about.Vine-N-Berry has been around since 2011 but owner Chester has been perfecting his wines for 30 years prior to opening.

At the root of Huron County, near our southern border, exists the Village of Ubly.Check with local chambers of commerce for more information. Check out this list, and remember to drink responsibly!You will find wine options at most of the places listed above a well, but for a wine tasting experience, why not try visiting a vineyard?Port Crescent State Park is recognized as a Michigan Dark Sky Park.If you haven't heard about the Dark Sky initiative we encourage you to read our article Huron County Dark Sky Preservation.Whether you are into drag or stock car racing or motocross there is a track for you to enjoy.

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