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Ethical hunters and fisherman is cool...cruel people suck I could easily be converted to veganism if petitioned by a vaginaist. The animal testing they do to develop drugs isn't worth it, to me. My own conscience isn't quite compassionate enough to motivate me in this area, but I am sympathetic enough so that if sex was in the balance, I would order the salad and be happy to have it. Plus if God didn't want us to eat meat he wouldn't have made animals so tasty!

I do respect them, they just need to respect me and my decisions about the issue.anyone affiliated with PETA , no about fanatics! I am not a vegetarian though and I do believe in animal testing (not for things like cosmetics but for medical research).

Oh well theres another category of women that will have sworn me off! Much easier to have sympathy for a dog in that situation, than If a full grown man wound up drowning in that very same lake, for the same reason. =PBut as Far as PETA is concerned, I dont think I would associate wellhow can you POSSIBLY wear fur and be an animal activist?? do you think its alright for them to be bashed over the head with clubs so you can look good in a freakin fur??? Will they get cranky with me when I want to go fishing? Will all Holy Hell break loose if I bring home my own deer?

that is the biggest hypocritical thing i can think of... i am just speechless that you can say that statement... OMG get a SERIOUS grip on your values before you post such a ridiculously STUPID statement... While you are at it, pass the steak and taters please. Will I be sent on a one way guilt trip for wearing my rabbit skin ear muffs in the winter?

I have no problem with dating an animal activists but I fish and eat those that I catch and lately I hear that Fishing is next PETA target. I fill out forms and help animals I come into contact with. I was only protecting myself from those dangerous bambi's!!

While Im not really a hunter I have killed a number of pheasants/rabbits and ate them too! I think that its not that I would have a problem with a PETA type person its more that they would have a problem with me.. Donate money sometimes and make hunters feel stupid when discussions of their "sport" arises. Why wouldn't anyone be with someone who is for animal rights? One of the birds flew into my bumper and broke its neck and was stuck in my cars grill.just seemed stupid to waste it and not enjoy its tasty meats.. Personally, I think this is a world where the survival of the fittest finds it's true definition.

I fish, I can't hunt, I don't have it in me to kill an animal or even a bird.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I'm a commercial fisherman so maybe my view is biased.

Animals do not have rights as they can not be held responsible for their action.

People have the responsiblity to be good caretakers and not to abuse animals.

But personally no I couldn't date an animal rights activist.

The arguments would never end lol I am an animal rights activist and yes, I eat meat and wear fur. I worked for the Humane Society in my state to help keep people from abusing dogs and cats, to find homes for homeless animals and to feed them.

its not good or bad, right or wrong...just reality....senseless wasteful killing pisses me off, so do people that condemn hunters, while eating a eat someone to do your killing for you.

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