Accommodating temperture restrictions

It is this wait on the tarmac that causes the Weather Embargos and can be the most dangerous to pets.We only use pet friendly airlines that keep pets in climate controlled environments throughout the entire trip.Looking at flying through Canada or something so cooler weather hoping it means less chance of heat exposure!!!Let me know how you go or if you find out any other info Reply Hi Sara, the most important things are to crate train your dog, choose a pet friendly airline, and discuss your dog's health with your vet before traveling.

Animals often end up waiting on the tarmac while the cargo is loaded or unloaded.

Pet travel is no small undertaking, and we know that your dogs are your family.

First, we do recommend crate training your dogs in the weeks before you travel.

This means that we are able to move pets year-round without any temperature embargoes.

All pets are kept in a climate-controlled area of the airline's cargo offices until all of the people and luggage have been loaded on the plane.

I'm flying my two Chihuahua's very soon from Australia to Ireland with a stop over in Dubai.

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