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If you can't stand up, perch on your knees and put a towell underneath you, or some kind of large basin that you can dump out later.

It's not a chemicalized hygiene experience (which one doesn't need everyday, in my opinion, barring certain medical conditions) but a spray bottle bath is better than being dependent upon other places. My housemates laugh when I use my spray bottle, but it's also a good squirtgun when I put it on concentrated stream. I used to use public restrooms, the kind you can lock the door behind you take a hanky or wash cloth with ya, and you can keep all the important areas clean until you come across a shower or lake or river or sumthin A college may be a place for showering.

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(in the dish water to conserve water.) it's nice to be able to pack up your bed too Also an emergency bucket for a mid-nite crap in hostile territories. just bury it in the dirt somewhere if you have to My advice to you is to cook and wash dishes outside to the greatest extent possible. leave the van for bed and storage to the greatest extent possible.

hopefully you can get your body more in tune with your schedule with a little deliberately graceful, healthy living. there will be no smell or buggies if you cover it up. i have lived in old buses/ homemade rvs quite satisfactorily a couple of times now.

Hope it helps, sounds like you are goingot be going at it much more hardcore.

Please consider running a blog on vanlife, I will read it for one, bet a lot of folks would get a lot out of it. Go to REI and get some of the useful camping tools, hi-tech compact stoves, storage solutions, mini lights, etc.

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I use my van as camping shelter on road trips to avoid motel fees, and am still learning/refining stuff, but these are some of the things I have figured out so far.Any college with an exercise facility should have showers attached to a locker room.I don't know for sure though, considering I have no experience living in a van. I'm not in, around or close to Portland but where I'm from they have a few swimming places that stay open year round.They make them so you can crank up the charge manually and you have a light and a radio.The money you put out up front is quickly recovered when you don't have to by any batteries. far as the 12v appliances, just google 12v appliances...bunches of them out there.I need some advice from experienced van dwellers about general living in a van? I decided against a battery powered one because what if the batteries go dead?

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