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Also known as the Hida Archeology Museum, the Hida Minzoku Kokokan is one of the old buildings along Sannomachi Street.

Its architecture, including an old well in the courtyard, have barely changed since the Edo Period.

Standing right next to the Kusakabe Heritage House is the Yoshijima Heritage House (Yoshijima-ke), the former residence of the Yoshijima family.

Also open to the public, the building used to serve as a residence and sake brewery.

The shrine's festival, the Takayama Autumn Festival, is celebrated annually on October 9-10.

Also located at Hachiman Shrine, the Karakuri Museum (mechanical doll museum) displays mechanical dolls (karakuri ningyo) which get mounted onto festival floats.

The museum also shows over 200 shishimai (lion dance) masks from around Japan.

The shops in the area are typically open daily from to .

Several homes in the old town open their doors to the public.

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