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The chat logs are stored and exchanged data are processed per chat to a profile for each chat partner.

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This hybrid solution will enable ‘human operators’ to manually reply to questions that could not be answered by the chatbot.This may not be necessary if an acceptable level is achieved by carefully designing and implementing the various fictional characters and the associated question / answer database.The chat streams and ‘question / answer’ –pairs can be customized for each character after the chats in order to execute the chats as effectively and efficiently as possible for the time that they are in use.An important aspect of the conversation model is that it should have a strategy to determine if a chat partner has wrong intentions and if so, to obtain additional information that can be used to send him an intervention message afterwards.The chat function of the chat robot is verified during the project, in both private as well as public appearances.With that said, manually etching logos into latte foam at events is a time-consuming and expensive proposition–and not something that can be done nonstop.

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