210pb dating dating aruba


The research station operates a lead-210 lab with alpha spectrometers for dating sediments and a gamma spectrometry lab for radioisotope tracer analysis.This equipment is also available to researchers on a limited basis for set-up, per sample, and waste disposal fees; provided SCWRS analysts perform the analyses.

The SCWRS offers specialized analytical equipment such as a Lachat automated ion analyzer, Dionex DX-100 Ion Chromatograph, Phoenix 8000 UV persulfate carbon analyzer (with solids attachment), UV-Vis spectrophotometer and bulk freeze dryer.

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This is particularly applicable in dating sediment accumulation rates for geohazard analysis in subsea engineering projects.

Most suitable for dating very recent sediments suspected of being less than 100 years old.

The resulting chronologies were validated using the artificial fallout radionuclides (137)Cs and (241)Am, which provide independent chronostratigraphic markers for the second half of the 20th century.

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