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Some people get a flu like illness within a few weeks of getting HIV. At the same time, your symptoms are typical of many viral and bacterial infections.

As you mention it is flu season, so it is very possible that another infection is causing your symptoms.

Since then, i got 1 lump onn my lower right of my neck., have had coughs, and what seemed to be flu like symptoms but without the fever.

(granted its end of january and technically it is flu season here in california) I have been racking my brains thinkin i have HIV and having to wait for the 3 month window period... thanks in advance Hi The chances of getting HIV from protected intercourse are quite low, especially when there is no evidence that the condom broke or fell off.

He asked Bruce to chain him up to make sure he wasn't a danger to anyone.

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Actually, as Clark finds out, it's practically impossible.

We used a condom and she gave me oral for a few minutes than we proceeded to vaginal and i finished in her.

I didnt notice any breaks but i cant really be to sure.

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